Cisco ASA 5505 is a Market-leading Security System

The internet world allowed people to connect with others and share information instantaneously. It has also become an important tool for all types of businesses around the world. Workers from remote areas and business world can suddenly connect with each other in an instant via the Virtual Private Network (VPN).
However, this great opportunity also comes with threats such as intrusion and other forms of security breach from unwanted visitors. This can have a significant impact and grave repercussions for businesses. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 5505 is the best solution to combat this threat of intrusion by directly creating a wall at the gateway. This wall blocks the threat before it can enter the network and disrupt operations.
Businesses and organizations with branch offices often use minimal entry level systems for security. They rely on broadband routers as firewall to protect their network. It is true that some broadband routers have basic firewall but it is not enough to provide enterprise-level security to businesses with numerous branch offices linked together. Unfortunately, the development of technology also comes with more serious and sophisticated hacking process that can endanger the operations of businesses.
Cisco ASA 5505 is a market-leading firewall solution with comprehensive security solutions. These include VPN, gateway securities, Unified Communications security, and content security services among other forms of network security. Aside from the comprehensive security features, Cisco ASA 5505 has enterprise-class features that cater to a business or an organization’s need for growth and expansion.
Cisco ASA 5505 has two network cables: one for the power supply and the other connects to a serial port on a PC. There are also a series of ports; 8 overall which are Ethernet network ports (100mbps). These ports are designed for specific purposes. The first port is solely configured to connect to the internet and ports two to seven are local area network (LAN) ports. Cisco ASA 5505 also has expansions slots for add-on features that the business can use for future growth and expansion.
The numerous features and capabilities of Cisco ASA 5505 that make it a market-leading security solution also serve as a negative aspect for users. The overwhelming amount of security features may prove to be too much for potential buyers. The seemingly complex set-ups and configurations will urge user to attain a certain level of knowledge or learning curve.
This is true for users who are not too familiar with setting up routers. However, this problem is minor in comparison to the major problems caused by security intrusion for many businesses.


When you are ready to start with cisco ASA 5505 there are a number of verifications that you are supposed to do during the purchase of the product. You should also read the safety warnings in the regulatory compliances and safety procedures when mainly performing the installation steps. During purchase verify the package content contains: cisco ASA 5505, power supply adapter, power cable, blue console cable, yellow Ethernet cable and documentation.

During installation of the cisco ASA 5505 you start by installing the chassis where it includes two preconfigured networks (inside and outside networks) and an inside interface that is configured with a DHCP server. A guideline on installing starts with connecting one end of the yellow Ethernet cable to Ethernet 0 on the ASA and the other end to a cable/ DSL modem. Then connect your devices like PCs with Ethernet cables to Ethernet 1 through 7. Connect power over Ethernet devices with Ethernet cables to switch the ports 6 or 7.

After the installation process of cisco ASA 5505 then power on and verify the interface connectivity by: connecting the power supply adaptor to the power cable, connecting the rectangular connector of the power supply adaptor to the power connecter on the rear panel of the ASA. Connect the AC power connector of the power cable to an electrical outlet then check the power LED on the front of the cisco ASA if its green the device is powered on.

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After this check on your management PC to ensure that it receives an IP address on the network using DHCP and then check on the LINK indicators to verify the interface connectivity. Each interface on the Ethernet has an LED to indicate that a physical link is created. When the LED is solid green a link is created and when it is flashing green it means that there is a network activity.

There are some initial configuration considerations when installing cisco ASA 5505 since the default configurations is sufficient for the basic deployment hence you should configure using the ASDM graphical interface which gives you a chance to manage the ASA from any location by use of a web browser therefore changing certain settings is required.

These settings can be changed using a startup wizard in ASDM. Run the startup wizard to modify the default configuration so that you can customize the security policy and suit your deployment.
By using the simple steps described above one can be able to install a cisco ASA 5505.


Cisco E4200 is a product from the Linksys Wi-Fi router that uses the wireless- N technology and has different brands ranging from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. This product has a limited hardware warranty of one year.
The cisco E4200 router connects all your electronic equipment’s like computers tablets game consoles and other devices that require internet at a wireless transfer rate of 300- 450Mbps for a premium installed home network. It has a superior wireless coverage with full 3*3 MIMO antenna array which provides reliability and exceptional coverage therefore one can enjoy wireless connectivity all over the homestead.

The power should be supplied with a network bandwidth with dual band which is mainly designed to maximize throughput ideals for HD Media streaming, high speed file transfers, wireless gaming and to avoid interference. The speed boost technology in cisco E4200 helps to maintain high speed across greater distances throughout your homestead for the maximum wireless coverage and in home mobility. Cisco E4200 has 6 internal antennas 4 ports with a gigabit speed. It is compatible with windows and mac with minimum requirements of: pc-Wi-Fi enabled with a CD or DVD drive, the running window should be windows XP windows vista windows 7 or even windows 8. For mac it should have a running OS of X leopard 10.5 or snow leopard 10.6.

Cisco E4200 router is modernized to have an advanced security features such as WPA2 wireless encryption and the integrated firewall helps one to keep the homestead network protected and fro misuse from the intruders. Cisco is built in USB port and UPnP media server that lets you add storage devices and printers to you work and share the files or print wirelessly throughout the homestead. The built in UPnP AV media server enables media streaming to your Xbox, PS3 and other compatible UPnP devices.

Cisco E4200 is also optimized for entertainment where it brings ultimate entertainment experience in your home by connecting to computers, game consoles media players and other devices to your wireless network and the internet. The integrated QoS technology helps to prioritize latency sensitive traffic which helps one to stream media or play a multiple of games without interruption. The cisco router also supports the latest internet protocol technology to help you future proof your network. It is easy to install and cisco connects helps you to set up your wireless network in a number of simple steps.

It is easy to manage the network with the help of customize settings or by adding new devices in your network. One can also limit access time and access to certain websites with parental controls. Just try the cisco E4200 router and enjoy the different features.


Cisco E3000 is similar to the currently reviewed and ultra-easy to use cisco valet plus though it lacks the easy setup key, network storage capability band and adds support for true dual- band. The router comes with cisco connect software that does the setup and connecting work to no savvy users. Advanced users also can use its responsive web interface to take advantages of other features like NAS functionality. Cisco E3000 performance is well though its network storage feature is quite slow when compared with dedicated NAS server.
The design has a sleek plate chased chassis and the Linksys E3000 shares the same model with Linksys WRT610N. All of its antennas are hidden within the chassis making it more compact than other routers of the same footprint. This router comes with 4 LAN ports and one WAN port on the back. All the ports are gigabit cables showing they support throughput up to 1000Mbps. It has a USB port that host a USB external storage device for the routes NAS function but the problem is that cisco E3000 USB port can’t be used to host a printer. It has an array of sleek looking blue LEDs to show the status of the ports, internet connection, NAS function and wireless connections. Cisco E3000 comes with the same procedure as the valet plus, which is easy as it gets. The only difference is that cisco E3000 software comes with a CD while the valet Plus includes it on a USB thumb drive. The cisco connects software works with both windows and mac.
Different features of cisco E3000 is a true dual- band router showing that it has two separate accesses one for the ever popular 2.4GHz band and the other for the 5GHz band that can work simultaneously. The cisco connect software allows you to configure a guest network, pick an easy to remember password and set a number of quests who can work on the network.
Cisco E3000 offers good performance which is both as a wireless router and a NAS router and usually offers mixed results.
Cisco E3000 has some of the advantages as compared to the others and disadvantages too. On the advantage it has a high performance wireless router that delivers high end router like dual band, gigabit, Ethernet, a long range and NAS functionality. Have also a compact design and an intuitive software application. On the disadvantage Linksys E3000 built in network storage function lacks speed and its guest networking feature is limited. Just try these kind of a Wi-Fi router.

Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Official Certified Guide and Simulator Library

The cisco ccna routing and switching 200-120 guide was written by two famous authors Wendell Odom, and Sean Wilkins.

The cisco CCNA routing and switching guide is a great hands on package for the CCNA R&S exam. This CCNA course comes with a powerful network simulator that provide you with the tools and skills needed to master all of your exam topics. It also provides you with the skills to be able to configurate and troubleshoot.

In this book the expert author Wendell Odom gives tips and hints on how to take exams.

Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Official Cert Guide and Simulator Library

This complete study package includes:
-Test study habits and routines to help you ace your exams.
– Exercises at the end of every chapter to help better prepare you for your exams.
-A section that focus only on troubleshooting.
– An IT certification practice software that comes with hundreds of test questions.
– Over 2.5 hours of video guidance from the author himself.
– Tools and resources to help with test taking.
– Templates and graphs to help you organize your study habits.

Cisco CCNA routing and switching 200-120 software allow you to practice with over 400 lab designs, enabling you to learn by actually doing hands on training. The network simulator is very complex, and allows you to perform real-world configuration training.

The tools in the software allow you to master many topics of your CCNA exam including:

– ACLs and NAT
– IPV4 routing
– Network management
– Network fundamental
– Many more…..

The dvd that comes with the CCNA book has more than 750 practice exam questions for ICND1, ICND2, and CCNA exams.

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Cisco ccna in 60 days review

About the Author:
The cisco ccna in 60 days book was written by Mr. Paul William Browning. Mr. Browning was a police officer in the UK for 12 years. He then left that career and went on to purse a career in IT. He started working as a helpdesk support, and moved on too network support, and went on to start his own IT consultancy and training company that he eventually sold. Mr. Browning now develops courses in the IT field. One of his best selling courses on amazon is his book cisco ccna in 60 days.

About the Book and whats inside:
It comes with 700 pages of rock solid content. This book has been completely revised and updated for the new cisco exams for 2014. SEE BOOK BELOW!

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Some courses that are inside are:
-100-101 ICND1
– 200-101 ICND2
-200-120 CCNA

This book comes with over 19 lectures and Four hours of high quality content!

IP Addressing and Subnetting

Network Address Translation

Access Lists

Every subject that cisco wants you to know about is covered, such as labs, exams, reviews and crams. You get exams from RIP to OSPF, from VLSM to CIDR, IPv4 to IPv6, STP to CDP. Every exam is covered in great detail.

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There are 60 labs in total inside the cisco ccna in 60 days manual. This book is laid out in a easy to read fashion. Every single day up until 60 days, you can challenge yourself to learn a new course of study. Inside the book Mr. Browning also gives you his personal website where you can study videos, exams, simulations and live cisco rack.

Cisco DPC 3825: The High Performance Gateway

Cisco DPC 3825 is basically a wireless gateway. It has already gained a huge popularity only because of its high performance. It is also known as top level home gateway. This gateway combines a router, a cable modem as well as a wireless access point. The most advantage that the users’ will get is that they will get all the facilities only in this single device.

Why to Choose Cisco Modem

Cisco DPC 3825 is a single as well as effective device as it provides a cost effective solution. This device is suitable both for the office area as well as for the home. It can provide the best network solution in your desired area. One of the main reasons to choose DPC is that, it is able to provide the fastest connection that you may not get in any other device. Simply by incorporating 8 super bonded downstream to the internet it along with the 4 bonded upstream channels, it provides superb network connection. The users will be able to get up to 340Mbps downstream data rates and 120 Mbps upstream data rates. This device is able to provide the users 8 times super faster download than any other conventional single channel cable modem. This device is able to meet all the specifications of DOCSIS 3.0. It also offers the backward compatibility for all the operations in DOCSIS networks.

Designing purposes of the device

Cisco DPC 3825
This device is specially designed for digital office or active digital home space. It actually features a superb dynamic host protocol for the configuration. It also features port translation like NAT or NAPT, packet Inspection as well as network address firewall. All these features will help the users to share a very high speed internet connection. Internet connection can be public internet connection or even private. The users will also be able to share their files as well as folders between these devices within an office network or even home network by attaching wireless or even wired devices in the office or home to the residential gateway.

Features of Cisco Modem 3825

Cisco DPC 3825 comes with some features that are consumer friendly like WPS or Wireless special protected setup. It also comes with user friendly control that has the ability to protect the office or home network from unwelcome intruders as well as members from the access to the undesirable website. To properly use the device, you must follow a certain line of alliance and this directive is important for all new users. This guide provides procedures and recommendations for the development, installation, configuration, operation and troubleshooting of Cisco DPC 3825 residential gateway for access to broadband Internet for your home or office. High performance internet connectivity as well as USB host port make this device exceptional than the other devices. As this device thinks about the protection of the users so it has already drawn the attention of the people who are looking for Cisco modem!

Exceptional Benefits and Features of Cisco DPC 3825

Cisco DPC 3825 is a type of wireless residential gateway that meets industry standards for connection to high-speed data.

What is Cisco DPC Modem 3825

Cisco DPC 3825 residential gateway provides data (internet) or wireless link capacity gateway to connect a variety of devices in the home or small office and promote access to high-speed data, all in one device. With a residential gateway Cisco DPC 3825, your Internet enjoyment, home and business communications, and increases personal productivity. This device will allow you to enjoy high speed and without any internet connection and disconnection with this device, you can easily run your life.

Things you need to consider

Cisco DPC 3825
To properly use the device, you must follow a certain line of alliance and this directive is important for all new users. This guide provides procedures and recommendations for the development, installation, configuration, operation and troubleshooting of Cisco DPC 3825 residential gateway for access to broadband Internet for your home or office. See the corresponding section of this guide for specific information you need for your situation. Contact your operator for more information on subscribing to these devices services. This has many advantages that the user wants to use this device and for these reasons, this device to the eye of the user and benefits compliance.

Benefits and Features

Your new residential gateway Cisco DPC 3825 offers exceptional benefits and features, now we discuss the benefits and features of this amazing device include:
1. Meets DOCSIS 3.0, 2.0 and 1.x standards and Euro specs – Pack – cable to provide high quality performance and reliability of the cable assembly
2. High performance broadband Internet to boost your online experience. This can change your Internet experience. I am sure you must love this device.
3. 1000/100/10Base-T Four Ethernet ports to provide wired connectivity
4. 802.11n Wireless Access Point
5. Wireless Protected Setup, which includes a button to activate the system for simplified wire seamless and secure
6. Configurable parental blocks user access control to unwanted sites
7. Advanced security facility to protect from hackers and protects the home network from unauthorized access
8. Attractive compact design that allows operation vertical, horizontal or wall
4021196 Rev B 13 Introduction
9. Interface color-coded ports and cables simplify installation and configuration
10. DOCSIS – 5 LED labeling and behavior support provides a simple method of using technical and verifies the operating status and act as a troubleshooting tool
11. Allows automatic software update from your service provider. This is really a good facility for the users and also a way to connect with the users.
The Cisco DPC 3825 is really a good cable modem, which provides some outstanding benefits and features for its users and the users also get huge support from Cisco.